Pet Odor Removal

Got pets?
Sky Rise Carpet Cleaning understands accidents happen, causing odor and discoloration in your floors. If not properly treated, biological matter, such as urine, can create a breeding ground for bacteria and an unhealthy indoor environment.feature5

Urine is acidic when it enters carpet, and it oxidizes as it dries. This causes the yellowing effect you may see in your floors. Oxidation, along with the ammonia and urochrome in urine, can permanently dye the color of your carpet. With Sky Rise Carpet Cleaning, we treat the contaminated fibers to remove as much as much of this yellowing as possible.

Pet odor removalOdor?
As urine dries, a bacterial and chemical change occurs. Acidic urine becomes alkaline, forming urea salts that attract moisture and can keep odor-causing bacteria alive for years. In order to safely and effectively clean your home, biological matter must first be neutralized to destroy bacteria, killing odor at its source.

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We offer two different treatment methods to clean and sanitize areas contaminated by biological matter: